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FTERA Advisors is a financial consulting firm that serves private small and medium size businesses, their founders, investors and executives.

FTERA Advisors helps entrepreneurs focus their strategy, plan a fundraise, build, and exit their ventures. With our expertise and experience in a number of industries, our team is dedicated to helping you execute on your vision. 

We believe entrepreneurs and small businesses are the driving force of our economy, and we are passionate about helping them succeed. Our team consists of experienced advisors with over 20 years of success in launching, fundraising, building, and exiting entrepreneurial ventures. 

Positioning small and medium size businesses for stellar success




FTERA was envisioned in 2009 and formally organized in 2012. The core concept was to consult with private equity investors and business founders to ensure smooth fit during fundraising. As years went by, supporting high-growth small businesses with strategic planning, business development and M&A moved to the forefront of FTERA's team time. 

FTERA Vision

Besides capital formation, FTERA's team helps entrepreneurs streamline all business elements of a entrepreneurial venture. We start with long-term goals and help with strategy formulation and support businesses with execution. We can act as advisors and often step in as interim executives or ad hoc team members.

Long-Term Partner

We aspire towards life-long involvement with the businesses we advise and continuous value-add to our clients. In our experience, the longer we stay involved with a business, the more value-add we bring to the table because the learning curve about the specific organization is behind us.

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