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Healthcare Services

At FTERA Advisors, we support founders and operators of business in healthcare services, which we define as the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments for humans.


Some key subsectors include:

- Preventive Care Services: Checkups, screenings, counseling, immunizations, etc. 

- Diagnostic Services: Testing and assessment services to help identify health conditions and issues, including lab tests, imaging services like x-rays and MRIs, and health assessments.

- Treatment Services: Services focused on managing, improving, or curing health conditions that have already developed, including surgery, prescription medications, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and more specialized treatments like chemotherapy and dialysis, and dental office practices.

- Rehabilitative Care Services: Services focused on helping patients recover or adapt after an illness, injury, or medical procedure, including physical, occupational and speech therapy. 

- Palliative Care: Focused on providing relief from symptoms and stress of serious illness with the goal of improving quality of life for both the patient and the family.

- Long-Term Care: Services focused on helping people live as independently and safely as possible when they can no longer perform everyday activities on their own, including nursing homes, home healthcare, adult day care centers and hospice care.

- Medical Supply Chain: Services and solutions from the network of manufacturers, distributors, healthcare providers, and other entities that procure, produce, stock, and deliver medical products and services to the practitioners in the above healthcare services subsectors.

We work with their owners and manager to improvement profitability and efficiency, capital the businesses and formulate long-term strategy, especially around exit and succession planning.

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