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With customers from the services industry, we prefer to zero-in on those enterprises that focus on business customers (business-to-business or B2B), even though occasionally we may work with providers who focus on large-ticket item services for individual consumers. There are a lot of small and medium size businesses in this category.​ The sector encompasses a wide variety of business models and occupations and focuses on delivering human-provided skills, intellectual capital, expertise, experiences, and other useful labor, with or without help of specialized equipment. Trends impacting the services industry include automation threatening some transactional roles, while increasing demand for high-touch customer service, highly-skilled technology services, personalized experiences, and human-driven services that are hard to automate. 

FTERA Advisors provide value by bringing general common sense and detached perspective to the way these businesses are run. In addition, our consultants contribute those specialized skills that are beyond daily operational routines of such organizations, including fundraising, mergers and acquisitions or sale of businesses, succession planning, or restructuring and reorganization. 

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