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Industrials and Manufacturing

The industrials and manufacturing small and medium size businesses are not your garden variety corporate giants. They tend to still be involved in transforming raw materials or components into finished products, but they don't have the advantage of a scale. They often face challenging working capital and capex requirements and rely more heavily on labor to deliver on their products to customers. They also tend to be the ones to drive innovation, try out inventions and adopt new technologies. FTERA consultants stand by to work through some of their strategic and operational dilemmas together. 


- These include firms that produce custom-made machinery, equipment, tools, custom vessels and other transportation vehicles, refined commodities, building products, electronics, apparel, food and beverages, and a wide variety of other physical goods.

- While we don't cater to "big box" and OEN manufacturers, our clients may be manufacturers, assemblers and servicers of electrical equipment and components, metalworks, energy infrastructure, home appliances and HVAC, processed foods, furniture, plastics products, and more. 

- We enjoy working with innovators in the industry who challenge themselves to transform industrials and manufacturing sector through automation and additive manufacturing (3D printing), supply chain optimization using IoT sensors, predictive maintenance of equipment through AI/ML, increased customization and specialized batches, and more sustainable production through renewable energy and recycling.


FTERA Advisors acknowledges that the industrials and manufacturing is essential for economic growth and productivity. Our consultants stand by to support the entrepreneurs in the space so they can make their vision come true.

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